Paper Lantern

Easy-to-assemble, just expand and use included expanding hook to insert inside the lantern.

Step 1 -   Take expanding hook and and locate the two end hooks, where the bottom of the lantern will be latched to. 

Step 2 -  Place the expanding hook into the center of the lantern and start expanding the lantern up to the top hooks. 

Step 3 -  Lock in place both lantern and expanding hooks, as shown below. 

Note: You will have to been the expanding hook just a bit to lock in place, but be careful not to get hurt. 

Step 4 -  Now your ready to decorate !

*** Could also easily be used as a lamp shade. Expanding Hook: Can allow you to hang the lantern & gives you the ability to add in a light / led inside. ***

Please Note: LED's  are NOT provided , make sure listing mentions LED included.

Use the top hook of the lantern to place an LED to use as a decorating lamp.