5050 LED Light  Strip 


Easy to use self-adhesive back with adhesive tape for easy and secure application.

Flexible ribbon allows you to curve or angle around bends for the perfect install.

Cuttable every 3- LED's to easily customize strip to the appropriate length.

Extension adapter already included to extend the length of the strip. ( additional strip not included )

Package Includes : 

16.4 Feet (5 Meter) 5050 SMD LED Strip

44Key IR Remote
Receiver Box
Power Supply


You want to makes sure LED's on strip are working before installing. 


Step 1 :  Connect your Receiver Box with the Power Supply 

Step 2 :  Make sure when you connect the LED strip to the Receiver Box that the arrows are compatible, as shown below. 

Step 3 :  Now you can test the remote to make sure it is working.

Notice : Functions will vary depending on the button.

Step 4 : You can set up the location of the strip and remove the paper on the back of the strip to adhere onto the surface. 

Step 5 : You can also use the opposite end extension adapter to expand the length of the strip.


You are now ready to decorate and light up !