Splicing Instructions 

Cuttable every 3 feet (please follow instructions or contact us) for custom fitting and size.

Step 1 :  Make sure you disconnect from power outlet. 

Step 2 :  Locate the scissor icon located on the LED Rope as shown below. 


Step 3 :  You will want to use scissors or any type of blade to cut through the LED Rope. 

Step 4 :  To connect, insert the two prongs into the two metal wires running inside the ropes.  Make sure the prongs touch the metal wires.

(If it does not initially light after plugging in, the prongs need to be reversed to match the positive/negative charges)

Step 5 :  Make sure to place the end caps onto the ropes and seal them with a sealant to prevent any moisture from entering the ropes. 

Step 6 :  Sealing the ropes with a sealant will prevent any moisture from entering the rope lighting and prolongs the life of the lights.

NO CUTTING MARK INSTRUCTIONS :  If there are no cutting marks, the lights are cuttable every 3ft within the ropes. 

You will noticed a metal wire that begins and ends every 3ft and you will need to cut between these two wires.