3528 LED Light  Strip 


Easy to use self-adhesive back with adhesive tape for easy and secure application.

Flexible ribbon allows you to curve or angle around bends for the perfect install.

Cuttable every 9-LEDs (6.5") to easily customize strip to the appropriate length

Package Includes : 

16.4 Feet (5 Meter) 3528 SMD LED Strip

44Key IR Remote
Receiver Box
Power Supply


You want to makes sure LED's on strip are working before installing. 


Step 1 :  Connect your Receiver Box with the Power Supply 

Step 2 :   Make sure when you connect the LED strip to the Receiver Box that the arrows are compatible, as shown below. 

Step 3 : Now you can test the remote to make sure it is working.

Notice : Functions will vary depending on the button.

Not all buttons have functions due to  LED Strip Model being a Basic Function Strip . 

Step 4 : You can set up the location of the strip and remove the paper on the back of the strip to adhere onto the surface. 

You are now ready to decorate and light up !