The Dry Heat Sterilizer works without pressure, steam or chemicals which increases safety and sanitation. The temperature regulator and light indicator make it possible to adjust appropriate temperature for sterilization. Temperature is determined by the material of the tool being sterilized. 

Product Features:

  • Temperature Knob: 50℃ - 200℃ ( 122°F - 400°F  )
  • Timer Knob: 0 – 120 Minutes  ( Automatic Shut Off )
  • Green Light Indicator: Indicates the temperature is on
  • Red Light Indicator: Indicates the timer is running
  •  Two Rings: To lift Double Handle Rack while unit is hot.


  • Rated Voltage: 110V - 120V
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Rated Power: 250W – 300W
  • Capacity: 2 Liters

How to use Manual: 

Step 1: Plug power cord to the back of the Mini High Temperature Sterilizing Box for power.

Step 2: Depending on the amount of utensils you are trying to sterilize you can decide whether to use the Double Handle Rack or not.

Step 3:  After you have loaded the Mini High Temperature Sterilizing Box you then can select the temperature (remember that the temperature is set to Celsius)

Step 4: Select the amount of time you wish to have your utensils sterilized. The automatic timer knob will shut off ones the time runs out.

Step 5: Let the Mini High Temperature Sterilizing Box sit for 20 minutes before removing sterilized utensils to avoid any scalding.

Step 6: Storing; Remove power cord off of Mini High Temperature Sterilizing Box to power of and store away.


Unlike wet heat methods, this Dry Heat Sterilizer requires no routine cleaning, and easy storage.