Step 1:  You will want to Remove all of the screws on the back of the machine. This holds the frame in the back of the machine .

Step 2: Once Removed, You will see the two screws that is in the middle of the machine that houses the UV Bulb. Remove those two screws to take out the UV Bulb Tray. 

Step 3: Screws are Removed and can be carefully removed to extract the UV Bulb. 

Step 4: The bulb will need to be rotated on the sides to unlock the bulb out of the frames on the two sides.  

Step 5: You can see the bulb needs to be twisted to the point where you can lift the bulb out of the machine. 

IF the light is NOT turning on, you may want to twist it , and resecure the bulb into place to make sure it is locked in properly. 

Step 6: You can see the bulb line up where you can remove and replace the bulb.