Components Diagram 

1.  Film Roll Reel 2. Spool Clamp 3. Counter Clear 4. Manual Operation 5. Options 6. Hand Gaurd  7. Cup Entrance

8. Cup Tray  9. Film Reel 10. Spring 11. Setup 12. Film Stabilizer  13. Power Switch 14. Film Sensor 15. Film Roller 16. Heating Plate






Items Needed for Operation  (* Items include with machine):

1 Cup Sealer Film Roll
1 Film Roll Reel*
1 Waste Film Reel*
A piece of tape
3 Washers*
2 Reel Clamps*
3 Springs*

Machine Specifications:

110-130V / 220-240V
50Hz - 60Hz
400-600 cups/h
Sealing diameter:
Max Cup Height:
Cup sizes:
500ml, 600ml, 700ml (14oz, 16oz, 20oz )
 As long using cup with suitable diameter

Recommended Film: PET Film

Cup Material: PP Cups

Make sure that your cup sizes match what the above specifications show to ensure proper use. Also keep in mind that if you're using PP cups, you will need to use PET Film so that it can properly adhere to the cup. The cups must have a flat lip, rounded lips may not work correctly. Cups taller or wider than the above specifications will absolutely not work.

How to properly install the film roll:

Grab the film roll with the 2 film reel's and attach them together.

With the machine facing you,  install the spring onto the right fork and push the spring all the way towards the back. After installing the spring, grab the film reel and install it onto the right fork in front of the spring that was just installed. With the film reel in place, grab a washer and reel clamp and lock the reel onto the form while pushing the reel back.

The film reels should be set as shown in the following pictures.

                                                      Right Fork                                                                                                                                       Left Fork


You will need to make sure that the film is properly set so that the sensor may be able to reach the marking on the sealing film.

                                                                 Sensor Not Matching                                                                                                              Sensor Matching


Pull the film towards the sealer/cutter on the machine and you will see the 2 lower forks. Make sure that the film is routed above the right fork, under the sealer/cutter and over the left fork as shown in the the image below.

                                                                                                                                                   Film Route Close-Up

Pull the film to the left and up above towards the waste film reel. The waste film reel rotates counter clockwise, so make sure to route the end of the film going in the same direction as the waste reel. Tape the end of the film to the waste reel and align the black marking on the film to align with the film sensor on the right hand side of the printer, if the marking is properly aligned with the sensor, then you'll see a red light come on the sensor. This means that the film is in its proper position to start sealing.

Film Route Exterior

With the film set up, it is recommended that you pre-heat the machine for about 2 to 3 minutes or up to when the orange indicator lights up. The recommended temperature for PET film is 176° Fahrenheit. Once the desired temperature is has been reached (orange light turns on), place the cup into the cup holder and push the tray into the machine. After the the tray is pushed into the machine, the machine will automatically seal the cup. As soon as the sealer/cutter raises from the cup, pull the tray out and the cup should be sealed.