F1 Fully Automatic Cup Sealer INSTALLATION/SETUP

F1 Fully Automatic Cup Sealer MODES (Manual, Reseal, Auto) Functions


Model No. -WCS-F1

Machine Dimensions- 36L x 36W x 63cm H

Horsepower - 420W

Power Supply- 110V / 220V

Product Weight - 23KGS / 51LBS

Capacity - 500 / 650 Cups per Hour





Parts Description

Getting Started

Film Roll Installation 

Step 1:  Attach the film roll reel on both ends of the film

Step 2:  Attach the used film reel on the left side, make sure gears are locked in place

Step 3:  On the right side; place a washer inside, insert film reel in place. 

(Make sure the film is rotating counter clockwise)

Step 4: Place a spring on each side

Step 5: Place a clamp on both sides to secure Reels in place

Step 6:  Place the film UNDER the bar on the right side

Function Settings Number Description 

P1 – Sealing Temperature, from 100°C - 230°C (212°F - 446°F), 

Press “+” or “-“keys to adjust temperature. Sealing Temp. also can be adjusted directly during working time.

P2 – Counter Clear Function Lock, “Open” or “Close”,

“ON” = Open, allows you to clear the counter

“OFF” = Close, will lock the counter from clearing

P3 – Sealing Time, 1 to 50 ( 1= 0.1 seconds,   50= 5 seconds )

Select the time you wish the sealing press will be left on the cup.

P4 – Cup Feeding Time, 1 to 30 ( 1= 0.1 seconds, 30= 3 seconds )

P5 – Film Motor Rolling Time, 000 to 099 ( 001= 0.1 seconds,  099= 9.9 seconds )

When the cup starts to slide into the seal, the Sealing Film Motor will roll at the same time to rotate the film at the same time, to seal and cut.

Attention: Function is seldom used! Keep it on “000” for normal detecting film.

Only use this setting when you are using a transparent or has no tracking point.

Manual Function Setting

  1. Plug machine to power, DO NOT POWER ON MACHINE
  2. Long Press the SOUND button for 4 seconds to set                                                                                                                     (Left screen will show the sealing temperature, the right screen will show its function setting number)
  3. Short Press the “Counter Reset” button to select setting function number from P1 – P5                                                             (Left screen will show its Setting Time accordingly, press “+” or “-“ keys to adjust the setting time, these adjustments will be saved automatically)
  4. Long Press the SOUND button for 4 seconds to EXIT settings.                                                                                                     (All setting times will be saved automatically)

Settings and Adjustments 

  1. Adjust Saucer (CUP)  Height
  2. Adjust Film pattern positioning – make sure design or cup pattern is aligned
  3. Adjust Film Sensor- you can control the laser beam intensity                                                                                                   (Note: turning LEFT will raise the intensity, turning RIGHT will lower the intensity)
  4. Select Sealing Temperature setting 100°C - 230°C (212°F - 446°F) –                                                                                       press “+” or “-“ keys to adjust temperature

Pause Function 

  • Press “PAUSE” button or Collide the safety door. Machine will automatically STOP, PAUSE light will flash at the same time. Then:

  - Press the “PAUSE EXIT” button, the cup will slide out to cancel the operation

  - Press “PAUSE CONTINUE” button, the machine will continue this operation

Operating Steps 

  1. Install Sealing Film (revise Film Roll Installation section)
  2. Power on machine, cup pallet will slide out automatically, heating light will be on
  3. Wait about 2 minutes, the first heating session will finish, heating light will turn off
  4. Press “AUTO/RESEAL/MANUAL” button, to select AUTO, MANUAL or RESEAL style:                                                              Light OFF; MANUAL – The light off will set to MANUAL                                                                                                                 Light ON; AUTOMATIC - Long press this button for 5 seconds to change to AUTOMATIC                                                             Light Flickering; RESEAL -Short press this button to RESEAL once
  5. Put a filled cup into cup pallet (MUST use the right cup diameter according to specifics)                                                                 ( Automatic sensor will detect cup and start sealing process )
  6. The cup will slide out automatically when sealing finished.

Counter Resetting 

  • Short press “COUNTER RESET” button 2 times, will hide current sealed number
  • Long press “COUNTER RESET” button for 4 seconds, will clear current sealed number

Reseal Function

  • Short press the “ AUTO/RESEAL/MANUAL “ button, the light will flash
  •  Press  the “ PAUSE CONTINUE, MANUAL START “ button, the cup will enter to seal one more time

While the film does not move, this function can be used for:

  • Seal a sealed cup one more time, if this cup did not seal well
  • Clean Heating Press - if melted film is on the heating press use this step to remove it
  • Clean Blade

                 - Put a wet sponge inside the blade groove, do this reseal function.

                 - When the blade comes down press the “PAUSE” button or Collide safety door.

                 - Press “PAUSE EXIT” button after about 5 seconds repeat this step 3 to 5 times

Error Message and Solutions 

1. E 52 or E 51; the laser beam cannot detect the film sensor.

       - Check if the sealing film crossed the tracking switch or not

       - Clear the dust building up on the laser beam

       - Adjust the sensitivity of the tracking switch, the right sensitivity is;

  When the clear part of sealing film cross the switch, the red light is off.

  When the black tracking point of sealing film is detected, the red light will go on

2. E1, E2, E3, E4 ; the motor controlling the switch was not touched correctly

       - Open the panel check if the switch is getting contact, adjust the positioning for best contact to work properly.

3. Temperature showing 1023; the temperature sensor is loosened or it is broken

       - Check the temperature sensor connection

       - Change new the temperature sensor

       (The RED terminal connects “+”, the BLUE terminal connects “-“. )


  1. Disconnect from power when not in use or for cleaning.
  2. Do not wash the top electrical part, recommend to just wipe down.
  3. Do not clean any of the parts in a dishwasher.
  4. Do not use abrasive cleaning supplies (i.e. scourers, acetone, alcohol, etc.)
  5. Apply oil into both sides of the sliding rail monthly, ensure the cup pallet slides smoothly.


  1. Fill a container with antiseptic liquid                                                                                                                                              Add 15ml household bleach into 3.8L of water 10°C - 21°C (50°F – 69.8°F)
  2. Let the cup pallet slide out then unplug
  3. Use a clean rag to wipe cup pallet with above liquid.
  4. Rag dry the machine